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Turtle Boy Weeding Party – June 27, 2010

On June 27, 2010, a group of volunteers went to Turtle Boy and cleaned up the weeds and put down mulch. It was a fun event with great spirit. And it all started with a few comments on the Worcester Turtle Boy Facebook Page. Cathy Walsh of Sprout! mentioned that there was a mess of weeds. Suddenly, there was an event planned and people showed up to help. I love the way people will come together to do stuff like this!

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Kate Toomey, Brendan Melican and myself (Claudia Snell) were on the Hank Stolz Experience on Monday, June 29, to discuss the Weeding Party and developing plans for ongoing maintenance and hopefully refurbishing the statue / fountain. The Hank Stolz Experience airs on Charter TV3 and is available On Demand.

Steve Foskett, Worcester Telegram and Gazette did a story: Burnside fountain gets weeding from ‘Turtle Boy’ fans

Worcester News Tonight, Kate Toomey on taking care of monuments in Worcester

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