TBUG – The costs of loving Turtle Boy

Turtle Boy Urban Gardening Crew

We’d love it if loving Turtle Boy was free but, unfortunately, it isn’t. Last year we had very generous help from Kate Toomey. This year, we’ve been included to Park Spirit which makes it possible for us to accept donations for the ongoing care of Turtle Boy and (hopefully) larger maintenance projects.

We wanted to share how much was spent on the Turtle Boy garden this year:

  • 12 bags mulch (retail) – 63.37
  • 12 evergreen shrubs (retail) – 429.25
  • 60 annuals, 4.5″ pots (wholesale) – 165.00
  • 16 perennials, quart pots (wholesale) – 80.00
  • compost (City of Worcester) – FREE

Total – $737.63

Best treat for TBUG?

Turtle Boy Urban Gardening Crew

TURTLES!! (obviously)

This amazing lady brought us some delicious turtle candies and the crew was very happy. Thank you, Turtle Goddess!

Turtle Boy Urban Gardening Crew


TBUG LOVES Theatre Cafe!

Turtle Boy Urban Gardening Crew

The excellent people of Theater Cafe fed us a fantastic lunch after Sunday’s TBUG event. Everyone had a great time, the food was marvelous. We can’t thank them enough.

Go visit their website or better yet, go visit them for lunch.

Thank you again, Theatre Cafe! You are awesome people!

a little birdie told me

so- word on the street is that there is some group calling themselves the Turtle Boy Urban Gardeners? TBUG? wow, I am so excited to meet these urbanites. Worcester is really an amazing place. Where else could a simple boy like me get such attention. Well, I look forward to a little sprucing up of the joint. I mean, plenty of people have left me things in these bushes, or even stopped to take pictures of my turtle in search of the sea. If memory serves me right, this group did brighten up the space last year. I just hope the weather holds out, and that a few SONG birds appear with new Turtle Boy inspired tunes. One never knows what will happen on the Common in Worcester.