Turtle Boy Urban Gardeners

TBUG 2016

What a beautiful day for some gardening. The Cathy Walsh Memorial Garden has been cleaned and has some new bushes and flowers. Thank you, TBUG, for being a great group of people and for making Worcester, MA a nicer place to be.

TBUG digging up weeds

Everyone weeding and cleaning up trash.

Dee Wells shoveling weeds into a trash bag held by David Jahn

Dee Wells and David Jahn demonstrating that snow shovels are a year-round tool in New England.

Sarah laughing as she tries to dig the hardened dirt

Sarah, laughing, can’t believe how hard the ground is and is grateful for assistance from Tina Zlody.

Sarah and David cleaning up around the edges of the garden

David and Sarah cleaning up around the edge of the garden.

Nicole prepping the garden for new flowers

Nicole Apostola doing some serious work with the best gardening tool ever (I don’t know what it was called but it was really helpful).

TBUG posing on the statue for group photo

Most of the group. We’re missing Brian Seitzman and Nicole Apostola.

New flowers and a bush awaiting planting

New flowers and a small bush waiting to be planted.

Dee and Sarah looking for missed weeds and trash

Dee and Sarah.

Brian putting in new flowers

Brian Seitzman putting in some new flowers.