TBUG 2016

What a beautiful day for some gardening. The Cathy Walsh Memorial Garden has been cleaned and has some new bushes and flowers. Thank you, TBUG, for being a great group of people and for making Worcester, MA a nicer place to be.

TBUG digging up weeds

Everyone weeding and cleaning up trash.

Dee Wells shoveling weeds into a trash bag held by David Jahn

Dee Wells and David Jahn demonstrating that snow shovels are a year-round tool in New England.

Sarah laughing as she tries to dig the hardened dirt

Sarah, laughing, can’t believe how hard the ground is and is grateful for assistance from Tina Zlody.

Sarah and David cleaning up around the edges of the garden

David and Sarah cleaning up around the edge of the garden.

Nicole prepping the garden for new flowers

Nicole Apostola doing some serious work with the best gardening tool ever (I don’t know what it was called but it was really helpful).

TBUG posing on the statue for group photo

Most of the group. We’re missing Brian Seitzman and Nicole Apostola.

New flowers and a bush awaiting planting

New flowers and a small bush waiting to be planted.

Dee and Sarah looking for missed weeds and trash

Dee and Sarah.

Brian putting in new flowers

Brian Seitzman putting in some new flowers.

TBUG 2016 Weed-up on May 14

The weeds are fierce and Turtle Boy needs our help.

Please come help us clean up The Turtle Boy’s garden. All are welcome. Please bring gardening gloves and good gardening shoes and, most importantly, your awesome self. We hope to see you there.

May 14 at 10am at the Burnside Fountain.

The beginning of TBUG

The first TBUG gathering. Post-weeding group photo

Ms. Snell made the call for volunteers based on an innocuous post by Cathy Walsh a few weeks ago, in which she noticed that the landscaping around the fountain was overgrown.

“I commented how I thought he was looking rather sad and overrun with weeds,” Ms. Walsh wrote in a message. “Claudia immediately said yes, let’s weed!” – Steve Foskett on Worcester Telegram & Gazette

It started with this post by Cathy Walsh to my Facebook page but quickly became a topic of several posts by Worcester residents. TBUG was a community effort from the beginning.

screenshot of original facebook post

Within a day many people had commented on the post, volunteering their time to help with the clean-up. City Councilor, Kate Toomey, helped us get a permit, Paul Leary, Gabe Rollins, Jennifer, Hank and Gaia Knight, Helen Sheldon Beaumont, Dee Wells, Sarah Bousquet, Brian Goslow, Louise Mutterperl, Rick Reynolds, Dale LePage, Dr. Gonzo, Hannah Kurman, Amy Salloway and David Jahn, Nicole Apostola, and many other people supported. (Apologies to those I’m missing here, it was years ago & I’m working from photos and memory. ) The Theatre Cafe fed us after our first gathering.

Cathy Walsh was the heart of TBUG. She organized the weed-ups and planned the plantings. She also worked with the City and other organizations to find support for our efforts. I managed the website and social media.

We met periodically for about 3 years with the last gathering being in December, 2013. Members of TBUG placed a holiday wreath on Turtle Boy for Cathy (her yearly tradition). She was too ill to do it herself. Cathy passed away later that month.

And now.

It’s been a few years since Cathy Walsh passed away. The City of Worcester is now taking care of Turtle Boy and has built a new garden, installed lights and a raised curb. It looks nice. Personally, I’m glad to see it being cared for but will always miss the TBUG gatherings.