A Wreath for Turtle Boy

Every year, Cathy Walsh made a special wreath for Turtle Boy. This year, TBUG members stepped in for Cathy who was hospitalized and unable to present Turtle Boy with his wreath.

Francoise places the wreath.
Francoise places the wreath.
Mission Accomplished!
Mission Accomplished!
everyone took photos of turtle boy.
Photographing TB.
group photo
TBUG – Winter Wreath, 2013
Photographing the photographers that were photographing us.
photo of @roasterboy
Hello, @roasterboy!
crowd photo; TBUG members
Everyone together.

TBUG Weed Up! SPRING 2012 Edition.


It’s that time of the year again!  Time for the Turtle Boy Urban Gardeners to put on their capes and get some weeding done!

Meet up for the first 2012 TBUG Weed Up!

Date: May 28, 2012, Monday
Time: 10:00 am
Place: Turtle Boy statue, intersection of Franklin and Front Streets, Worcester MA

Spring has sprung and so have the weeds around Turtle Boy.  If we get enough volunteers we’d also like to get some fresh plants in the ground.

Bring your fine self, some sun block, water, garden gloves, and if you have a spare bag of black mulch that would be pretty awesome!  Sprout will bring some tools, more garden gloves for those without, and plants if we get enough replies in the affirmative.

Turtle Boy turns 100 this year, so we’d like to keep him looking good for an old man!  We’ll have you out in plenty of time for those Memorial Day BBQ’s.

Rain date: Sunday June 10, 2012.
RSVP:  Facebook.

TBUG LOVES Theatre Cafe!

Turtle Boy Urban Gardening Crew

The excellent people of Theater Cafe fed us a fantastic lunch after Sunday’s TBUG event. Everyone had a great time, the food was marvelous. We can’t thank them enough.

Go visit their website or better yet, go visit them for lunch.

Thank you again, Theatre Cafe! You are awesome people!

a little birdie told me

so- word on the street is that there is some group calling themselves the Turtle Boy Urban Gardeners? TBUG? wow, I am so excited to meet these urbanites. Worcester is really an amazing place. Where else could a simple boy like me get such attention. Well, I look forward to a little sprucing up of the joint. I mean, plenty of people have left me things in these bushes, or even stopped to take pictures of my turtle in search of the sea. If memory serves me right, this group did brighten up the space last year. I just hope the weather holds out, and that a few SONG birds appear with new Turtle Boy inspired tunes. One never knows what will happen on the Common in Worcester.

Come get dirty with Turtle Boy!


The city is dropping off a load of compost for us on Friday, so we are now a rain or shine operation! Shovels and rakes would be helpful if you have them. Please wear closed toe shoes and garden gloves for your safety.

Join us for a little spring clean up of the garden around everyone’s favorite Worcester landmark. Last year was a lot of fun, we hope to see you out there for TBUG 2011.

Where and when?
Sunday, May 22 · 10:00am – 12:00pm (Rain date: May 29)
Turtle Boy statue – corner of Franklin and Front Streets in Worcester, MA
RSVP on the Facebook page

Operation: Turtle Boy Urban Gardeners! (TBUG)

Turtle Boy Weeding Party - June 2010 Bring any garden tools you might have. We hope to go a step beyond weeding this year and add a few plants, so it would be much appreciated if you could bring a gallon jug of water as there is no spigot and hose available.

This is a family friendly event, but we did encounter some urban nastiness hidden in the plants last year, so be advised. Also, please wear closed toe shoes for your safety. Gardening gloves are also a good idea.

I know stART on the Street is scheduled for the same day, but hopefully you can get to do some gardening early and still have plenty of time for artsy stuff!